Engage Any Audience With An Immersive Virtual Experience

Virtual Events

Raise Your Engagement Quotient with Virtual Events

Our virtual events platform gives you the power to tailor your events as per your business objectives, connect with a global audience and shore up your marketing ROI.

With virtual event platforms, you can accelerate your sales funnel by creating stimulating, intuitive and measurable virtual experiences using chat tools, live webinars and digital content, backed by exclusive AI-powered customer support.

Use Cases:

  •    Conferences
  •    Trade Shows
  •    Roundtables
  •    Product Launches
  •    Trainings
  •    Town Hall Meetings


Everything You Need For Hosting A Successful Virtual Event

  1. Multiuse event space with customized interiors and branding
  2. Live AI-powered helpdesk support
  3. Live seat selection and live chroma feed
  4. Real-time networking with Q&A and poll features
  5. 24-hour access with on-demand content
  6. Exhibition booths and discussion with booth host
  7. Web VR product showcase
  8. Interactive photo booths, gaming zones and social media walls
  9. Complete user profile and data access

Move Your Events Online and Boost Your ROI. Let’s Show You How

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