Meet our wonderful teams full of passionate souls who love what they do and have what it takes to achieve new goals and take the company to new heights. It is because of their inexorable energy and cohesive hard work that Redefine is what it is today i.e. a successful brand soaring high every day.



Business Development & Client Servicing

The buzzing key Redefiners are enthusiastic leaders who understand business & the people involved. They are unrivalled at building new relationships and prioritize to assist the company to acquire new customers and sell services to existing ones. With super communication skills, good work ethic and a will to go extra mile to satisfy their clients, they achieve their targets with smartness and prowess.

Top 5 Strengths:

  •    Proficient
  •    Dynamic
  •    Audacious
  •    Future-Oriented
  •    Optimistic



Telemarketing, Database & Response

This team full of young minds are vivacious souls with a thirst to learn boundlessly. They know the real secrets of telemarketing and strive hard to achieve the targets on time. They have the inner calling to do what they do and love their job unfathomably. With perpetual smile on their faces, commendable patience and great interpersonal skills, they manage our Inbound Marketing like no other.

Top 5 Strengths:

  •    Excellent Communication
  •    Self-Motivated
  •    Focussed
  •    Target Oriented
  •    Strong-Minded



Event Operations and Logistics

Filled with profound enthusiasm, innovative mindsets, great leadership skills and keen eyes for details, this team has everything it takes for successful event management and logistics. Big or small, they manage all the events from the beginning till end with perfection and within the time frame and give their heart & soul to make events a huge success.

Top 5 Strengths:

  •    Time Management Skills
  •    Flexible
  •    Energetic
  •    Innovative
  •    Confident



Creative & Digital Marketing

With great imaginative power and creativity always on mind, this team of Redefine is full of high-spirited professionals who have wealth of ideas and are always eager to create something new and interesting. From excellent designing, writing and story- telling to digital marketing, they successfully experiment and bring newness in everything they do.

Top 5 Strengths:

  •    Artistic
  •    Imaginative
  •    Experimenting
  •    Speculative
  •    Tenacious



Finance, Administration & HR

The core of Redefine, this department has responsible professionals who take their duties earnestly. From planning the finance right to managing the human resource of the company, they sensibly take care of all the essentialities to make us a well-oiled machine.

Top 5 Strengths:

  •    Responsible
  •    Strategist
  •    Conflict Management
  •    Amicable
  •    Commitment