Team Building : To Build a Great Team
My company’s moto is “One team, one Dream” and to keep up the pace with the same, they have been organising various team building activities and every year we go for a team outing as well. So, this was my first time for a team outing as I have joined in here a few months ago only. As teamwork is currently the hottest mantra for success of an organisation, team-building programmes are the latest craze taking the corporate world by storm. Cut off from the hustle and bustle of daily work – incessant emails, project deadlines, assignments, responsibilities and other everyday concerns, this provides a rare chance to get to know each other while having fun. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about this activity but was excited at the same time as you get to gel with people around you and this also gives you a chance to spend a quality time together away from the office with colleagues from the same or different departments.

It was a 2 day event, First day , we all travelled together to the resort, with lots of laughter, singing, cracking jokes and sharing talks, the two and half hours of journey itself had created a sense of comfort amongst all of us and soon it became like a family. We all were divided in different teams and even given different roommates to come out of our comfort zones. In the evening, we all were asked to preparer a skit and anthem for Redefine that has to be a fun activity. And second day, again numerous other activities including treasure hunt, blind folding game and fill the bucket etc. engaged us to enjoy the time together, was completely a cut of from regular life. The activities had undertones of interpersonal interaction and group perspective to foster a sense of collaboration among team members.

Engaging in healthy competition and the element of cooperation not only brought the members together but also encouraged the cohesive concept of working together as a team and their true attitude and behaviour surfaced.

So, a team outing could actually come out as effective team building activity that can also transform negative perceptions amongst employees. This helps them understand each other’s motivations, recognise weaknesses and realise how to make the most of individual strengths. With valuable insights into others way of working, they learn to plan together and iron out problems with workable plans and effective solutions. The ensuing games, role-plays and discussions (of family backgrounds, hobbies and friends) also break personal and political barriers, as staff from different levels and departments come together and enthusiastically pool their talents for a shared purpose. A common vision binds them together and that goes a long way in inculcating mutual trust and support.

To wrap up, a team-building event effectively breaks the monotony of work and improves working relationships. Employees have a good laugh, enjoy and get back to work with a sense of working as a true team player.