My tryst with Redefine
Born in Haven of India, Kashmir and raised in Defense family, qualities like Confidence, Leadership and Service before Self were in my blood. My bedtime stories were unusual, heroic tales about brave men and women who brought pride to the nation. Completed my schooling from one of the World’s prestigious institution Kendriya Vidyalaya and by the time my 16th birthday came around, I’d lived in more Indian states than you could count on your two hands.

During my school and college days I got various opportunities to manifest my qualities, weather it was playing Basketball at National Level or excelling in various inter school competitions, I always proved my blood.

Being well aware of my strengths, right after completing my graduation in Commerce from Patna Women’s College, I moved to Delhi in July 2016 and started preparing for Civil Services. After almost one year, one fine day I got this opportunity to be a part of Redefine and in a reflex I grabbed it without a second thought. Shifting my track from Civil Services to Event Management was a complete shaker but that is what I have always liked being a Fauji Brat.

It was my second day at Redefine and I got a chance to work on an event and I hit the ball right out of the park. That was the day and till today I have been assigned various tasks and responsibilities and I have always walked out of my shoe to prove every inch of myself. I would be lying if I say that my journey at Redefine was a Cake walk as I have seen the toughest of times that breached every part of my body and brain but something that I have learnt from my Hero, my Dad is to never give up and fight till your last breath and last round.

Every new day here brings a new challenge for me that require a whole new set of skills and I always come out of it by mastering a new maneuver to tackle the next task being more prepared.

Since last few months in Redefine I have seen redefining myself, and all of this would have never been possible without the help and guidance that I have got from the management here. They have been always eager and ready to share their lifetime experiences and knowledge with me. Around me, I do not see people competing at individual level but supporting each other and winning as a team. We do have a saying here that, “None of us is as strong as all of us”.

Winning is a must for everyone and I agree to it, but for me, winning with an example is more important. In the end I would just say that I would like to thank everyone who is part of my journey for these remarkable months and also to the company for providing such great opportunities to me. It's a great place to work with and I wish to be part of this organization to give my best for company's growth in future.