My Kaleidoscope
Hi, my name is Arpan Anand. I am from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. I am 24 years old, but many don’t believe it :p . I am from a middle class family hence I have experienced many good and many bad moments as well. I am a very positive person, I tend to take every situation positively. I spent my childhood and teenage in my hometown. I love my place..i feel connected to it. I am single child to my parents. My father is a medical practitioner and my mother is a working lady, they are my strength. Inspiring and teaching me at every step of my life(still..).

My school life is still the best period of my life. From making friends forever, countless memories, growing personality, seeing success and failure simultaneously, I have done almost everything there.  My principal made a huge impact on me and my attitude.

As I was studying, I came across a time, when I had to choose my career. Being Indian I should have chosen engineering or medical. But I wanted to be different from everyone whom I knew.. so I chose animation and multimedia as my career because I loved working on computer and being creative. Still my aim is to work in the world of Google.

I am privileged to work in Redefine and with my stint as a video editor. I have worked on array of multiple projects like Flipkart, SMB Connect, Esri etc. which has enlarged my horizons. I have developed  unique combination of technical expertise, creative abilities, and now have a considerable experience in managing both conceptualising, writing and editing which makes me an ideal person to help your creative team thrive.

In addition, I have worked closely with other departments including marketing, sales, and technology. Experience has taught me how to build strong relationships with all departments at an organization. I have the ability to work within a team as well as cross-team which I am very proud of.