Employee Engagement Programs:
Making Your Company A Great Place To Work.
Human beings are known to be productive and performance oriented when they are motivated, inspired and feel connected. Only when they are satisfied and in a happy place that they can influence their environment with vigor and energy thus creating a chain reaction of positivity and encouragement.
Who wouldn’t want such an organization and environment to work in? Employees join any place of work with lot of passion to perform and learn, but why does it so happens that this passion gets lost somewhere in the way, and there dedication slackens. How as an employer you can bridge this gap or change this trend. How can your organization create a benchmark of employee satisfaction?
Employee engagement programs and strategies is one such key, as any organization go all out to bring creative ideas and initiate out of box thinking and strategies to retain its customers in the same way it is equally important to do something for the employees.
A good employee engagement program should act as a bag of surprises for the employees, which they look forward to enjoy and be their relaxed self.
We have brought you some innovative ideas which can help in creating a strong Program:


1. Have Themed Official Days.
This idea can bring a lot of fun and increase employee loyalty. Bring your kids to work or Chocolate gift day can boost up employee’s morale and kill monotony at work.


2. Celebrate achievements.
Big or small, they are the proof that the work people are putting in has meaning. Refill their energy tanks with some recognition and celebrate their hard work. This is also a great way to bring together teams.


3. Celebrate Anniversaries and People.
Work Anniversaries, Birthdays, there are various important moments and days to celebrate with employees, which makes them feel connected and acknowledged.


4. Take employees for Social Outings.
Social outings are a big Yes, going out, having fun can be a wonderful booster for employees to come out of their shell and build bonds and friendships.


5. Bring in Motivational Speakers. https://d.adroll.com/cm/n/outHave Team building seminars or creative workshops for employees. A motivational speaker can be invited to shake up a mundane work day and charge up the motivational energy of employees.


6. Find out about their Passions.
To know what a team or an employee is passionate about can really act as connecting factor and ensure them that you value and care for their interests. Also these interests and qualities may also be incorporated in some unique way to make work more fun. 


7. Encourage Volunteering.
Give employees the opportunities to engage in volunteering for a social cause or at NGOs. This will help them in attaching themselves to a greater cause and feel good about their actions and contributions.


8. Gamification is the way.
Games are in trend to make work more fun and involving, it is all about creating a psychological scenario. The competitive game activities will make the employee work hard in order to achieve rewards. And who doesn’t liked to be called a winner at the end of the day?


9. Always work on Feedbacks.
Taking Employee feedback and further acting on it is an essential step in handling their grievances effectively, when they will experience that they are being heard they will feel assured.


10 Take advice from Experts.
Consult the experts who are aware and deal with regular employee engagement strategies in order to create best experience for your employees.


Now it’s your turn to put these ideas into practices at workplace and if in doubt ask Redefine.