Colourful Shades at Work

Namaste India!

Work and travel together is blissful. I was on shoot for one of our clients filming an emotional branding film, covering their CSR project. This blog has excerpt about my travel and how I enjoy my work and life while I am on travel. The important thing is to be proud of your work and your capacity and to live true to yourself. Each travel brings me time in spite of long hours of work. New place, new people and discovering new you. Exploring yourself, celebrating life with other lives is another way of being happy and sharing happiness with others. While I am away from home my camera, diary and pen have always been with me as soul mates. I believe what's important is to explore our unique talents, that one can live with the full radiance of their being. This is what makes me truly alive.

I was fortunate to explore a new place, sparkling golden city named as Jaisalmer situated in Rajasthan state. The journey began when I woke up early morning. Walking down the lane, seeing shades of yellow cheering with rising bright yellow sun, shaking my head with colourful turban on Rajasthan song. And that was when my heart expressed loud saying Namastey India! The warm breeze and people had enough warmth welcoming me with bright colours all around. There is always magic in air when you are on travel but this one was special may be because I was on solo trip. The warm breeze hugged me with traditions and a feeling of being a proud Indian with such vibrant cultures and variety food around.

So many roads... many detours ... so many choices... so many mistakes... between many sunsets and many sunrises... but this one said all. Maybe the journey is not about becoming anything. Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't real me. That's all for now - I'm sure I have missed out on some things - so feel free to ask any questions.