Copy writing vs. Content writing! The Riddle Resolved
Copy writing vs. Content writing! The Riddle Resolved
Copy and content! Have you been using these terms interchangeably? If you just nodded yes, then hang on, we are about to give you a whole new perspective on the difference between the two.
Copy and content are like bread and butter, good without one another but best with each other. Take them to be the siblings, different yet together!

You might be wondering why does the difference even matter? Well, it does because one has the power to build your brand and grow your business (that’s content) and the other has the magnetism to lure your audience towards your desired goal (that’s copy).

Copy and content are more like the art and science of business growth. If you understand the difference between the two, you can communicate your business objectives better, define your growth strategies, hire right people and build your brand.

So let’s dive deep into the difference between the two!

The Charm of Copy
Back in the day, copywriting was mostly used by advertisement agencies to build the brands by winning the heart and soul of consumers. The brands were identified by their taglines. As children , we would take just as little a time as a snap of a finger to recognise to which brands did the taglines ‘Daag ache hain, The taste of India. I’m Lovin It, Desh ki Dhadkan’ etc. belonged to!
Copy is, therefore, the believer of the theory of YOLO- You Only Live Once. It is often a one-liner caption or a tagline. Modest yet enticing. It’s main aim is to lure, persuade and sell, often through tall claims and tricky promises. It’s the sweet and glamorous weapon of the brands which takes in the consumers with the caveat ‘no harm intended’. It is crafted with the sole intention of driving the reader to the action you want her to take- buy a product, open an email, visit a website, attend an event and so on.
In the new digital kingdom, copy is still the queen of the king (content), on a much wider scale though. Along with advertisement, copywriting is now used for tempting audience to websites, email campaigns, social media posts, events, etc.

The Love of Content
Content, on the other hand, is old school and truthful to its readers. It works on the principal of building faith and trust between the brand and consumers by narrating the brands’ story in entirety and by informing and educating the audience well by presentation of true ideas and facts. It includes blogs, press releases, product descriptions, ‘how-to’ articles, about us sections on websites etc.

The Inextricable Bond- Copy & Content
Content and copy, much like king and queen, are inseparable. A wisely crafted and beautifully worded blog will have no readers if is unaccompanied by a tempting headline. Likewise, a killer caption without a good content is like showing the consumer a very entertaining trailer and then serving them pure crap. Therefore, a great copy needs good content and vice-versa. It’s not copy vs. content, it’s copy with content!