6 Latest Design Trends in Digital Marketing
6 Latest Design Trends in Digital Marketing
It’s said, “There’s a way to do everything better, you just need to find it”. The terrain of graphic designing is dynamic and is characterised by constant modifications and twists. 2018 has been a witness to a fresh wave of trends in designing which include experimenting with vibrant colour palettes, immersing into the 3-dimensional realm and exploring opulent photography. Most of the design trends have been borrowed from the old with new twists added to them.

Here are 6 latest design trends that you can incorporate in your marketing creative to lure your audience-

1. Gradients or Colour Transitions- Gradients or colour transitions, which were generously used till 2007, made a huge comeback after Instagram upgraded its logo with a gradient background in 2016. Since then, the trend has gained significant traction among marketers. Colour transitions are used to make bold statements and channelize user emotions, helping them to connect better with the product or idea. Now that gradients are set to rule the designing industry for at least a while with their innovative avatars- the mix of bright colours and varied textures, it is recommended that you master the art of their usage.

2. Responsive Logos- Responsive logos are the ones that can adapt to all screen sizes without losing the visibility of their elements. In times when increasing number of individuals are accessing internet on their mobile phones, it’s imperative that you design your web assets with a mobile-first approach. This may present a bit of challenge for the designers but the trick is to make different versions of logos for different screens.

3. Retro modern illustrations- Good old 90’s are coming back to life with retro modern illustrations making a huge comeback in 2018. These visuals combine modern, sleek lines with 80’s and 90’s colour palettes and use everything from pastels to electric hues. The key feature of these illustrations is their fluid yet clear messaging, reflecting the best of both the worlds.
Since most of the brand personalities and influential leaders today hail from 80’s and 90’s and form the target audience of marketers, these graphics are sure to instil a sense of nostalgia and invite greater engagement from them.

4. Creative Typography- Digital space offers abundant opportunities for you to showcase your creative forte. Typography is just one such arena. The belief that typography is only one part of the design has long been abandoned. Today, typography forms the design itself, with artistic twists reflecting the vast imagination of the designer. Even though sans serifs fonts are still in vogue, you can give your graphics an innovative touch with designer, artistic and hand-made fonts.

5. 3-Dimensional Graphics- Use of 3D styles is the new turning point in designs incorporating everything from 3D still photography to 3D typography. Designers are increasingly blending 3D and 2D styles to come out with exceptional graphics that actually blur out the difference between virtual and reality.
Another rising trend is the use of isometric projections that visually display a 3-dimensional object in a 2-dimensional space and it is virtually ruling all the visual mediums including photography, 3D design and illustration.

6. Cinemagraphs- Cinemagraphs or animated photographs are trending both on social media and websites. These are quick enough to grab user’s attention, boosting engagement on your page and also load faster than a video. Marketers are increasingly relying on them to highlight the important aspects of their products from different angles.

Now that you know the latest design trends for digital marketing, it’s time you incorporate them into your marketing strategies and enhance your reach and grow your business.