5 Marketing Ideas to Stand Out on Facebook
5 Marketing Ideas to Stand Out on Facebook
If you were asked to stay without checking your Facebook account for a day, would you be able to? I guess not, it would sound as difficult as living without electricity for a day! Facebook has become an indispensable part of our lives and as marketers, we are required to leverage just that to reach out to our target audience.
According to Facebook’s statistics, it has around 1 billion daily active users. With no other application or platform wielding the amount of popularity that Facebook has garnered over the years, it’s safe to say that the number of its users will dramatically increase in the years to come. Now, who would not want to seize the opportunity as huge as this?

A marketer must be smart enough to differentiate his brand from his competitors. Here are 5 marketing ideas to help you stand out on Facebook-

1. Target Specific Audience- Creating an attractive advertisement is hard but harder is to create a right ad for the right audience. Did you know that you can target Hindi-speaking women outside India? Or that you can create a poll for millennial in the age-group of 25-30? Or that you could target iPhone users in Mumbai? Facebook lets you target incredibly specific audiences based on your brand’s objectives. If you post an ad without targeting any specific audience, chances are that it will be fed to those disinterested, resulting in waste of money. The more specific the audience targeting, the better will be the chances that they buy what you sell.

2. Create Video Content- Video generated content is in full bloom. Facebook users want to be entertained by what they see in their news feed and videos are the best fit. Going by the trend, marketers are increasingly relying on videos to increase their ROI by creating a long lasting connection with their consumers. However, it is difficult to keep viewers hooked on for long, so it is best to create short, wacky and to the point videos.

3. Humanise your Brand- Establishing brand presence by appealing to a person’s sentiments is one of the great marketing ideas. Marketers must acknowledge that Facebook is about people and connections between them, so your objective should be to show the human side of your brand by interacting with people. You can do this by introducing your team to the audience, telling them your stories and by showing them what’s behind your brand.

4. Use Emojis- The popularity of emojis has grown tremendously over the years. And why should it not? After all, they are the best representations of our true emotions. Marketers can engage better with their customers by using emojis in their messages. In fact, use of emojis can further personalise your brand.

5. Engage your Customers- Keeping consumers engaged is one of the top-most priorities of a marketer. And it’s relatively simple. All you have to do is to conduct quizzes and contests to invite their presence on your brand’s page. Do not forget to reward the winners but simultaneously, be sure that you do not overdo it. It may erode your brand’s image as being the one that doles out freebies every now and then.

You could build a robust marketing campaign by incorporating these ideas into your marketing strategies. But, remember that Facebook is just one aspect of digital marketing, never overlook the ever-important SEO.